About Us

Thanks for visiting our website. We at SoldMyHome simply want to inform people on Vancouver Island about how to buy and sell homes and properties.

Buying and Selling real real estate can be a complex process especially since most people only buy and sell a few times in their lifetimes. Home owners and buyers will have lots of questions like:

  • What price should I list my home at?
  • Where are buyer’s looking for homes?
  • What facts must you disclose?
  • What paperwork is required?
  • Will the contract be legal and binding?
  • How is ownership transferred?
  • What about the existing mortgage?
  • Can the buyer qualify for a mortgage?
  • Who ensures you will get your money?

This website tries to answer these questions generally but if you need help for a specific property, you might wish to employ a licensed real estate professional to act as your agent.