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Do you want to stand out from the crowd and have fewer showings and more offers? Use Virtual Reality!

The typical home search includes looking online at 2D pictures of potential homes, which may or may not accurately represent the home’s actual space, and then making a list of many potential homes to view.  Then buyers drive to view the homes in person to see what it’s like to be in the space and determine if the home fits their lifestyle and needs.  This whole process can take an extended amount of time, and today’s buyers would rather not drive from house to house to house to find their perfect home.  A guided virtual tour of your home can help you give buyers an immersive feeling about your home, without physically driving there.

By providing a guided virtual tour of your home, you allow potential buyers to experience your house in 3D before they even walk through the door.  Virtual tours also benefit you by reducing the number of showings for non-serious buyers, and thus reducing the number of times you have to get your home in show-ready condition.

Check out this Matterport scanned gorgeous craftsmen home. 

Matterport has created a camera that makes it easy for homebuyers to explore homes from the comfort of their own home. Matterport home scans make it easier for buyers to find the homes they really will love. The Matterport camera is capable of creating explorable, accurate 3D models of a home.

Using Matterport, you can either use slideshow mode, which is similar to a traditional “virtual tour,” or walk-through mode, which offers a dynamic journey through a room, directing buyers to points of interest.

Matterport can capture a typical home in just a few hours.  The camera can take a 360-degree view of any space, and as scans each room, it stitches these 360-degree views together, allowing buyers to virtually and seamlessly stroll through your home.

Are you selling your home? Do you want a Matterport scan of your home? Call PropertyGuys.com Comox Valley & North Vancouver Island at 250 228 4393 today or send us an email!

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