What to Expect with Appliance Warranties when Purchasing a Home

By: PropertyGuys.com on Vancouver Island

When buying a home that is not new, some of the included items in your contract of purchase and sale will be the existing appliances such as the dishwasher, range, refrigerator, dryer, and washer.  Typically if the manufacturer’s warranty has run out on these appliances the buyer can only be assured that the seller will warrant that the appliances are in working order upon possession, but this is the extent. If the appliances break down anytime after this date then that is the sole responsibility of the buyer. 

Some contracts of purchase and sales may have the following clause to stipulate this fact. 

The Seller warrants that the appliances included in the purchase of this property will be in proper working order as of the Possession Date.

As a seller, if any of the appliances are not in working order, the seller should disclose this fact in writing so everyone is clear. 

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